ThinkTank for Political Art, Discourse and Civil Society

The Institut für BESSERE Staatspolitik (Institute for BETTER National Policy) is a thinktank dedicated to progressive artistic-political practices and research. Considering the rising right-wing nationalist hegemonyMit Elementor bearbeiten claims at the political level and the failure of European governments to find answers to pressing questions of the future, the IfBS is committed to counteracting current authoritarian neo-feudal politics through BETTER forms of action.

By combining artistic, scientific and activist strategies and practices, new solidarity-based approaches to action are developed that contribute to a socio-economically and ecologically fairer world.

The European elections of 2019 and the insights gained from the NSU (National Socialist Underground, a German Neonazi terrorist group) process taught their lessons and the Institute was founded precisely where no thinktank for political art, discourse and civil society has been expected at least since 2015: in Saxony. At the heart of the idea is our unwillingness to wait for political enlightenment and empathy. We are counting on new synergies between art, literature, science and activism, which are to be created through the progressive strategic networking of the IfBS.

As a result, the institute is made up of young artists, authors and scientists. The institute’s own Verlag Herakles (publishing house Herakles) will give a home to various publications, such as essays, comics, political commentaries and scientific research on current political topics.

The institute focuses on current social developments and issues, which are divided into the following fields of work:

Artistic Research

Gender studies and gender justice

Solidarity and Commoning

Digital Society

Global Politics & Sustainability

The IfBS hosts an academy half-yearly for all members and interested persons.
The academy formats include lectures, workshops, readings and artistic interventions, which actively negotiate political topics.

Feel welcome to join the institute!

Summer Academy of Human Rights

21st–24th August, 2019, Dresden University of Fine Arts

The Summer Academy of Human Rights invites all those interested in solidarity to get active artistically.
Together with the collective Schwabingrad Ballett and the performance group dorisdean, participants can discuss, perform, build and try out activist formats for four days. At the end of the third day, the ideas and results of the workshops will be brought together for a joint intervention to stand up in solidarity against the Right at the #unteilbar Demo (#impartible demo).
The Summer Academy is a solidarity project. It only works if every participant is actively involved. It is free of charge, but is paid for in the form of care work such as cooking, tidying up and preparing work spaces.
In the morning there are yoga sessions and training sessions for everyone. If you don’t feel like it, you can of course just have some coffee. In the evening, the „Open Space“ will open its doors, where anyone who takes part can set their own topics. Whether it is a lecture, music, performance, reading – anything goes! If you already have ideas in advance, please let us know as you register for the Summer Academy. At the Summer Academy there are two public events by the publishing house Herakles and the alliance „NSU Komplex auflösen“ („Solve the NSU Complex“).
Since there are only limited places available, please register.
The exact programme will be disclosed as your registration gets confirmed

Verlag Herakles (publishing house Herakles) is the institute’s own publishing house and is currently in the process of being founded by the Institut für BESSERE Staatspolitik (IfBS).
The IfBS publishes its own debates and publishes external authors who want to participate in the creation of a BETTER World through their artistic, literary, scientific and non-categorizable debates.
The aim of the publishing house is to publish different literary and scientific formats and genres that are otherwise classified in a hierarchy of books in commercial publishing: essays, comics, short stories, satire, political commentaries and philosophical texts. The Verlag Herakles wants to create new synergies by mixing different genres and formats from literature, art and science.
For scientific, philosophical and other research formats, the institute’s own core topics form the framework: artistic research, art as democratic practice, gender studies and gender justice, solidarity and commoning, digital society and terrestrial politics and sustainability.
The first book „AHU!“ will be published in August 2019, followed by „Ein Abend in Raschloda“ (An evening at Raschloda) in September.

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